A Foundation To Be Built On

Feed America First has relied on handshake leases since Jim Reid of RHEMA Ministries invited FAF to reside in his pole-barn warehouse in 2001 in Savannah, TN. We have always operated with the knowledge that with 30 days’ notice we could be homeless. In fact, that happened twice, in 2001 and 2010.  But it is also important to know that each time, we moved to a better home and grew substantially. Both of those episodes involved a lot of trepidation and prayer, but the outcome was the same: Feed America First was blessed!


The last move was to Feed America First’s current home, after Newschannel 4 in 2010 aired reporter Alan Frio’s piece describing our impending homelessness. Our current landlord Robert Stroop saw that story and called the next day to offer his building, and has passionately supported our efforts in the community since then.


When I approached Robert to let him know Feed America First had outgrown his space and would need to move to a larger place, he told me he would build us a space suitable for our needs that would outlast us both. We agreed on a rent figure we could live with for the next 10 years, and Robert even has allowed me to design the space to fit our needs!


Feed America First has always had a foundation, in faith. That faith has led Feed America First to a foundation of concrete and steel, a warehouse which will triple our capacity, that we can call home! We eagerly look every day to see the changes in the building, anticipating the operational flow, the gains in productivity, the safer environment, the functioning air conditioning and heat, separate bathrooms, volunteer work space, and more.  Ultimately, Feed America First will be capable of serving more families, more easily.


So once again, faith has led Feed America First to a better home!


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