But Lord, I don't want to go!


How many times has God asked you to do something and your answer was, "I don't want to"?

     The first Monday of March I was asked to take a truck load of food to Irondale Alabama. I was dreading the trip because of the 9 hour window time. My heart wasn't in it and I would complain to anyone who would listen. 
     The morning I dreaded came and I headed to Irondale a reluctant servant. When I arrived at the church I was met with smiles and handshakes.  We unloaded the truck and I toured the church to see how they gave food away. 
     As I was about to leave I heard a booming voice ringing through the hall. It was the senior pastor of the church and he was looking for me. He asked me if he could pray for me and of course I said yes. 
     He gathered about 20 people up and they all  started praying for me and speaking words of life into me. This lasted for about 20 min and the spirit of God was so strong. They shared vision and anointing for my life that could have only come from God. 
     The lesson I learned from all this is simple. God didn't ask me to be comfortable. God didn't tell me that it would all be easy. He asked me to be a willing servant. He proved to me that He will bless your actions even if your hearts not in it. 
     So all the way home I praised His Holy name and thanked Him for the blessing. I asked Him to forgive me for my poor attitude. 
     So this week when God ask you to do something , it's for His glory. Don't miss the blessing that's coming! 

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