A Miracle at Feed America First

Sarah_and_Stan.jpgHave you ever witnessed God perform a miracle right before your eyes? At Feed America First last week, we had quite the scare. Stan, one of our truck drivers, fell out of his chair after lunch. He was unresponsive, not breathing, and had no pulse. But God showed up and showed out! 

    After finishing lunch one of our truck drivers, Stan Dobson, fell onto the concrete floor.  He was unresponsive, blue, not breathing, and had no pulse.  Everyone immediately began to pray.  Someone called 911, and CPR was administered by an employee who wishes to remain anonymous so all glory can be to God. Stan's ribs were broken on two occasions during CPR as could be heard by several in the room. After what seemed like an agonizingly long amount of time, he began to breathe on his own and regained a pulse. God raised him from the dead!

   "There is no doubt that we watched God breathe life back into Stanley that day. We truly lived out a John 14:12 moment. Praise the Lord!" said Mike, our Director of Operations.

     As he was being loaded into the ambulance, all of the employees gathered for a group prayer to the throne of God: “God we know that when Stan gets to the hospital he will be healed and there will be no broken ribs." At the hospital it was discovered that Stan had no broken ribs, neurological damage, or heart problems; the doctors simply cannot explain what happened. But we at Feed America First know exactly what happened: our God still answers prayers and heals people today! Praise, glory, and honor be to His name!

     "This was nothing other than the hand of God! Miracles aren't just a thing from the "Bible days." God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He is still in the miracle business if we are bold enough to pray and believe! We serve a mighty God!"said Whitney League, our Business Manager.



Photos: Stan visiting our warehouse the next week after he was released.

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