An honest expression of love

Tom.jpgI was sitting down at our communal lunch table with some staff members and volunteers last week, and among the socializing and silliness I had the opportunity to watch one group of volunteers interact

     This particular group comes here to our warehouse each week to help, as part of a vocational training program offered for the learning-disabled, so we see the same faces. But today I noticed how their leader interacted with them: the calmness in her manner and voice, the extreme patience, and the obvious love and respect she had for each of them, as demonstrated by something as simple as helping them get their coats on!

     I am so thankful for people like her, individuals that can see past labels and appearances and limitations to see the person underneath. She sees the potential in each of those students, and organizes her life to make theirs meaningful. Sometimes their progress is measured in inches, such as zipping up a coat. But what an honest expression of love that is, to see those counselors and teachers and mentors who devote their time to enriching the daily lives of individuals with challenges! 

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