Abundance of Giving


    I believe everyone wants to help someone, if they just knew exactly how. But to my discredit, I often underestimate people’s capacity to give of themselves. Please understand that I am in the giving business: businesses donate food to us, we give away millions of pounds of food to thousands of families, and people share their money and time with us to help make it all possible.

     We worry about giving fatigue. We don’t want to over-ask, or to become a nuisance, or to appear greedy, because we understand that there are more great causes than you can shake a stick at, and we don’t want to lose that precious relationship with someone who chose us.

     But I cannot put our volunteer Wayne in context. Although “retired”, he regularly drives a truck to our food distributions, and loads out vehicles rain or shine, always with his easy smile and chuckle. He volunteered to build out 1,800 sq ft of offices in our new facility, and then spent three to four weeks constructing them single-handedly. He postponed travel plans, and even saved us considerable money by negotiating on materials. He assembled the desks, and hung lamps and mirrors in the bathrooms, and decided one more wall needed to be insulated, so he did that.

     And then today he brought some sample letters, so we could have a nice sign when we open. Wayne’s skills are boundless, as is his generosity of spirit. At is point we just ask him what he wants to do next!



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