A Walk-In Blessing


    I had a walk-in blessing this week. Arthur was among my first contacts in Murfreesboro, a local pastor with a food pantry he wanted to fill. He would come by every few weeks to pick up food and to talk, and he always wanted to hear about my personal journey. Arthur wanted to encourage me, to see how I was doing in answering my calling to serve. As FAF got bigger, and Arthur began a multi-year church construction project, we missed each other. I kept up with him vicariously, through mutual friends, for the past several years, even while he dealt with health issues serious enough to confine him to bed for months last year.

     Today he walked in under his own power, and I got to tell him how happy I was that prayers had been answered and he was cancer-free. But Arthur came with his own agenda. He told me that when he was sick he learned to be so much more sensitive to God’s handiwork, and he was here because he wanted to tell me about a passage he read in Romans that reminded him of me!

      I hope that I may be the encourager to others that he was to me today.

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