It was never meant for her!


Do you ever have those times when you are so amazed by God and humbled that He uses you in even the most seemingly insignificant ways? Well, that happened to me this week. 

     I'll give you a little back story first. About a month ago, my husband Chris and I were made aware of a young mother who was in desperate need of clothes for her newborn baby. So we went through many totes of baby clothes that our one year old son has grown out of and made up a bag to be given to this young lady and her baby. A couple days later, we found out that many people had helped provide for her and she was no longer in need. A little disappointed about the missed opportunity to help, but grateful that she was no longer in need, the bag of clothes sat in our guest bedroom waiting for an opportunity to be stored away again. Around the same time, Mark, a fellow Feed America First staff member, gave me a package of newborn diapers for me to pass along to a family in need. I didn't take them at first, but he insisted and I put them in my car to be given away later. 

    Okay, so here's how all that ties together...this week Mark received a text regarding a young lady who had just given birth six weeks early and had very little at home for when the baby is released from the hospital. So little in fact, she didn't even have a bed the baby could sleep in. Mark immediately showed me the text and asked if I had anything that my baby isn't using anymore. As a matter of fact I do! Remember that bag of clothes at my house? Mark also mentioned that he's been searching the warehouse high and low for some newborn diapers but there weren't any left. Guess where that package of newborn diapers Mark gave me a few weeks ago?? In my car still!! As I shared with Mark the story of why I have the bag of newborn clothes still sitting in my guest room, God revealed it was never meant for the first young mother like I had originally thought, it was meant for this mother. And I had been frustrated with myself for not doing anything yet with the diapers that had been riding around in my car for a couple weeks, God also revealed that they were right where He wanted them to be. I sat there almost speechless and in awe of how God orchestrates everything down to the simplest detail and humbled that He uses even little 'ol me for His purposes. He provides just what we need at just the right time, and this week was a perfect reminder of that. 

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  • commented 2016-02-19 18:03:37 -0600
    That’s an awesome story sweet friend!!! You are amazing!!!😘
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