Through the Eyes of a Child


Have you ever looked at the world from someone else’s perspective? Have you ever been going about your day like normal and suddenly notice something and think to yourself, “Huh, I wonder how long that’s been there?”

     As many of you know, I am the mommy to a precious little 13 month old boy, Easton. Now that the weather is changing and the days are getting longer, we are having so much fun playing outside together. Last week as we were playing in the backyard, I found myself fascinated with watching Easton play. He picked up a couple rocks and thoroughly inspected them noticing how cool they were to the touch, how many different shapes and sizes there were, and how some of them were smooth and others weren’t. Next he crawled over to a bush and ran his fingers through the leaves. He loved how the tiny branches bounced right back into place after he let them go. He picked a leaf and, again, gave it a thorough inspection, including putting it in his mouth! When he made it over to the grass, he began to notice all the different colors that were around him, the yellow dandelions, the green of the grass, the little purple flowers. As I watched him play, I felt a little nudge from God that all these things Easton was discovering for the first time are things that I take for granted and most of the time ignore. I was reminded that even as busy as life gets, I still need to slow down and appreciate the little things. I probably won’t put a leaf in my mouth like Easton did, but I can pay more attention to all the beautiful things God surrounds us with each day.

     There are so many things around our warehouse that are just “normal scenery” to those of us who see it every day for example, the next time that bird flies into our office, instead of being so quick to shoo it away, I’ll take a minute to notice its beautiful colors and its fuzzy feathers just like a child would. And when the wind whips through our open dock doors, I’ll stand there just a second longer to enjoy it. Thank you God for using my son as a gentle reminder to slow down and just soak it all in. 


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