From our Executive Director, Mike Womack:

In 2019, Feed America First looked to 2020 with excitement. Not only was this our 20th anniversary year, but this was also my first year as Executive Director, taking over for our founder Tom Henry as he retired. What a turning point in Feed America First's history! We set big goals and welcomed the new year.

But little did we know, a global pandemic was right around the corner. 

As the news of COVID-19 started to unfold- and as the world around us started shutting down - it was easy to worry. Will Feed America First be able to survive this, or will we have to shut our doors? What will happen to our communities? What about the neighbors in need we serve, and the countless other families around us who are losing their jobs and will need our help? 

However, looking back at our 20-year history, we know we serve a mighty God who has been with us every step of the way. How could this moment be any different? We tossed any fear aside and rolled up our sleeves, knowing God would lead us through any uncertainty as we walked in mighty faith doing what He called us to do: feed our neighbors in need! 

And feed we did. In fact, you could call 2020 a feast. A feast of food, donors, grantors, volunteers, and community efforts that rallied together to give Feed America First one of the best years we've ever had - and certainly one of the most memorable! (Click here to see a wrap-up of some of our COVID-19 relief efforts!)

As we look back at 2020, we hope you join us in praising God for all the blessings He poured down upon Feed America First. We also hope you will be energized to continue to support our hunger relief efforts as we continue to navigate the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Our work is far from over, but if 2020 taught us anything, it's that with your support - we can achieve anything!

In His Service,



Mike Womack, Executive Director
Feed America First
(Feel free to reach out! [email protected] - (931) 265-5878 )

Feed America First


Feed America First is a hunger relief agency serving the Middle Tennessee region.