Feed America First is excited to collaborate with our supporters to organize an exclusive gathering for their acquaintances, relatives, or local community members to raise awareness about the incredible work we do here. This presents an opportunity for Feed America First to establish new connections with individuals in our community who are willing to support our cause but are unaware of our organization. The purpose of each event may differ based on the set objectives. It could be to highlight our donors, motivate volunteers, promote our mission through word of mouth or social media outreach, or even through the power of prayer to assist as many families as possible.


By providing the audience and place for us to share our mission, we are able to provide meals for thousands of more families in your very community who you may not know are struggling. 


We encourage you to reach out to our Director of Development, Julie Vandel, to learn how you can host a special night, and be the starting point for so many people to join our amazing cause towards ending hunger in our community. 


Feed America First provides food and drinks for your invited guests on this special night, as well as information folders, personal messaging, faith-based stories and so much more



"Hunger will cease to be a problem in America when we refuse to allow our neighbors to go hungry"