"Because of this food, I'm able to afford my husband's medicine."

Because of your support, women like Sheila don't have to worry about how they will feed her granddaughter or buy her husbands medicine. You're there to help set their dinner table! Also in this issue, our golf tournament raised enough for 750,000 meals! And the 'Boro Buggy Bash was rescheduled to Saturday, September 8th!

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"I lost everything, but God keeps giving back."

Mary Chandler lost everything during Hurricane Harvey - she is raising 4 of her grandkids on her own, and they all had to be rescued by boat. We recently met her at our most recent disaster relief trip to Beaumont, TX. Click below to read more about Mary and our disaster relief efforts! Also in this issue: Introducing the 'Boro Buggy Bash!

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"We ate pinto beans for two weeks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Pearl and her family are no strangers to struggle. With car wrecks, her husband's recent Alzheimer's diagnosis, and a grandson with critical conditions who has to be tube fed every day, groceries are the last thing they can afford. But thanks to your support of Feed America First, Pearl and her family don't have to worry about going hungry! Also in this issue... what in the world is the 'Boro Buggy Bash?!

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You provided Aubrelynn with dessert on her 4th birthday!

March1.pngIt was Aubrelynn's 4th birthday when she and her mom visited one of our partner agencies to receive groceries. They were also able to pick up a birthday dessert! Aubrelynn's mom is a single mom and said she wouldn't have been able to afford a birthday cake otherwise. Thanks to your support, it was you who brightened Aubrelynn's 4th birthday! Also in this issue: Join us Saturday, March 10th for a community volunteer day! Read more inside!

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Meet Trish, who is still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Feb1.pngOur disaster relief efforts continue! We met Trish in FL after our most recent trip to distribute food and supplies to those affected by Hurrican Irma. Trish's granddaughter was tragically murdered by a foster father and she is now determined to keep all her grandkids together, no matter the cost. She is still struggling with basic necessities, as well as issues with Hurricane Irma such as mold due to flooding. But thanks to your support of our disaster relief efforts, we were able to take food to FL and help feed Trish and countless others.

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Your support helped set his Christmas dinner table...

Jan1.png A few days before Christmas, Community Rural Food Delivery held a food distribution. The first man in line to receive food had actually walked nearly 2 miles in the cold and misting rain to get food for his family for Christmas. Thanks to your support, this man and his family (and countless others!) were able to have Christmas dinner.

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Dancing With The Nashville Stars raises ONE MILLION MEALS!


Dancing With The Nashville Stars, our annual fundraising banquet, raised enough funds to provide enough food for ONE MILLION MEALS! We can't thank our 2017 celebrity dancers enough for this victory in hunger relief! Also in this issue of Breaking Bread, an update on our Thanksgiving project and disaster relief efforts! 

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"You don't always think $5 is a lot, but it adds up."

November1.pngYour support of Feed America First helps us supply food for elderly women like Linda who is helping raise her great-grandchildren. Every $1 to Linda is important, and even having to spend a few extra dollars to renew her tags means she might not have enough left over for groceries. Learn more about Linda and her family, as well as an update on our Houston disaster relief efforts, in this issue of Breaking Bread!

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Relief efforts are underway!


Our hurricane disaster relief efforts are underway! We have so many individuals, churches, and businesses to thank for coming together and helping us in our efforts. We are so thankful to be a part of this community! Click below to read more. 

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Hurricane Harvey hunger relief efforts


We have plenty of news to share in this issue of Breaking Bread! We hope everyone joins us at the Stacy B. Windrow 5k on September 16th. We also announced our 2017 Dancing With The Nashville Stars cast, and have begun Hurricane Harvey hunger relief efforts!

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