"I went home, filled my fridge, and cried."


Thanks to your support of Feed America First, Karen of Murfreesboro, TN was able to fill her fridge in a time when she wasn't sure how she was going to feed her kids, leaving her with tears of hope and joy from being able to get the help she needed. Read more about Karen and other stories of how your support helps in our April 2016 Breaking Bread newsletter!

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"If it wasn't for this food, I'd starve to death!"


Annette was recently injured in a car accident. She is only allotted $1,000 per month in disability, and isn't eligible for food stamps. However, thanks to your support of Feed America First, Annette is able to pick up food at one of our partner agencies. Read more about how your support of Feed America First helps families in need inside our latest issue of Breaking Bread.

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"It feels good to have someone to help you."


Candy T. recently lost her job and has 4 kids ages 11, 9, 4, and 2. However, thanks to your support of Feed America First, Candy doesn't have to worry about how she will feed her kids; she is able to pick up food at Jesus' Helping Hands, one of our 180+ partner agencies. Also in this issue: a friendly reminder from our Executive Director about our focus upon serving others, an update on our new building, and how your support helps Joseph who is suffering from degenerative disc disease.

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"...I had to decide between buying medicine or food."

Jan_1_JPEG.jpg Pete Bell of McMinnville, TN has cancer and his wife is currently in rehab unable to walk. After paying medical expenses and buying medicine, most months he doesn't have enough money left to buy food. However, thanks to your support of Feed America First, Pete is able to pick up food at Centertown UMC, one of our partner agencies. Pete never has to worry about going hungry thanks to your support!

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One million meals raised through Dancing With The Nashville Stars!

Dec_1_Web.jpg We are proud to announce that our 2015 Dancing With The Nashville Stars banquet raised enough money to provide enough food for over ONE MILLION MEALS! Congratulations to Eric Martino, our grand champion! Click 'Read More' to learn more about the banquet, along with information about upcoming Nashville Predators fundraising games for Feed America First, an update on our new building, and more of what we've been up to!

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Your support helps an elderly couple raise their great-grandchildren

Nov_1_Web.jpgThanks to your support of Feed America First, an elderly couple in their 70s are able to pick up food from the pantry based out of Highland Heights Church of Christ in Smyrna. Due to extenuating circumstances, they adopted their 2 great-granddaughters to prevent them from being separated in foster care. Despite their tight, fixed income, they never have to worry about providing food to their great granddaughters thanks to the food pantry. Click 'Read More' below to learn about their story!

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"What we all do together, it's the biggest blessing I've been a part of."

Oct_1_Web.jpg Darrell Johnson, who runs the food pantry based out of Smyrna Pioneer Church of God, had some inspiring words about the work we do together. From our donors, to our volunteers, to our partner agencies (and everyone in between), we couldn't do what we do without our committed network of supporters and we thank you all so much for what you do! 

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Meet Regina, our newest inspiration in our hunger relief efforts


Regina is 26, recently lost her mom, took custody of her 11-year-old sister, has three kids of her own, and is battling cancer. She also let her best friend who was facing hardships of her own move in with her three kids. All together, Regina is raising and helping support 7 kids. Due to her cancer, she can't work and is on disability. Through all of this, however, her only focus is helping those less fortunate than she is! Read her inspiring story below.

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Celebrating 15 years!


Feed America First celebrates 15 years of feeding the hungry! Feed America First is also celebrating our best month in history, distributing over 1.3 million lbs. of food in July alone! Click 'Read More' to learn more about our growth as well as the people we serve such as Myrtle Bea who is facing health problems and has a hard time making ends meet, but thanks to your support, is able to pick up food at one of our partner agencies. 

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"I can't stand the thought of anyone not having something to eat."

July_1.jpg Because We Care, one of our 160 partner agencies, reaches about 1,000 families a week. After handing out food to those in need, they share left over food with an extensive network of partners such as individuals who have the heart to serve, like Jane who hand-delivers food to her neighbors who need help. Read more about Jane in our July newsletter, along with updates from our Executive Director, the upcoming Watermelon Fun Run, and more!

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