Meet Regina, our newest inspiration in our hunger relief efforts


Regina is 26, recently lost her mom, took custody of her 11-year-old sister, has three kids of her own, and is battling cancer. She also let her best friend who was facing hardships of her own move in with her three kids. All together, Regina is raising and helping support 7 kids. Due to her cancer, she can't work and is on disability. Through all of this, however, her only focus is helping those less fortunate than she is! Read her inspiring story below.

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Celebrating 15 years!


Feed America First celebrates 15 years of feeding the hungry! Feed America First is also celebrating our best month in history, distributing over 1.3 million lbs. of food in July alone! Click 'Read More' to learn more about our growth as well as the people we serve such as Myrtle Bea who is facing health problems and has a hard time making ends meet, but thanks to your support, is able to pick up food at one of our partner agencies. 

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"I can't stand the thought of anyone not having something to eat."

July_1.jpg Because We Care, one of our 160 partner agencies, reaches about 1,000 families a week. After handing out food to those in need, they share left over food with an extensive network of partners such as individuals who have the heart to serve, like Jane who hand-delivers food to her neighbors who need help. Read more about Jane in our July newsletter, along with updates from our Executive Director, the upcoming Watermelon Fun Run, and more!

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"$16 a month in food stamps doesn't go too far."


Can you imagine having only $16 per month to spend on groceries? That's all our neighbor Peggy is allotted in food stamps each month. However, thanks to your support of Feed America First, she is able to pick up food at our partner agency Pioneer Open Pantry (also called "POPS") to help make ends meet. Click 'Read More' to hear more of her story, as well as our Executive Director's thoughts on the upcoming Summer months, results from our recent golf tournament, and more!

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#irefuse... do you?

May_1_JPEG.jpg Our May issue of Breaking Bread is now available! Click 'Read More' to learn more about The Big Payback, a 24-hour online fundraising day for Middle Tennessee non-profits we are participating in, as well as our upcoming golf tournament, blessings from the previous month, and more!

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Midland Journey of Hope - Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Midland Journey of Hope, one of our 160 partner agencies, shares our values of coming together to help our neighbors in need. Click 'Read More' below to read more about their food ministry and those they serve, plus upcoming events at Feed America First, ways you can help, and more!

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Midland Journey of Hope - Extended Pictures and Stories

Midland Journey of Hope, one of our 160 partner agencies, was recently featured in our April 2015 Breaking Bread newsletter. Here are some more pictures and stories from our great visit with them! 

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80,000+ lbs. of emergency assistance sent to ice victims


We recently sent over 80,000+ lbs. of emergency food assistance to ice victims across the Cumberland Plateau. Click 'Read More' below to read about how our Operations Manager took quick action, and how Club YES (Youth Empowerment Services; one of our 160 partner agencies) braved the storm to hand out food door-to-door to our neighbors in need, despite winter weather advisories to stay off the roads. Upcoming events also included in this issue! 

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"Today is my sister's day to eat."

Feb_1_web.jpgOur February issue of Breaking Bread, our monthly newsletter, is now available! Click 'Read More' below to see the full issue, including how your support helped Feed America First send a truck of emergency assistance to a KY county in need, an update of construction on our new building, and more!

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